Xanthate is the global choice among primary collectors for the separation of metal sulfides: copper, nickel lead, gold and zinc.

SNF Mining owns and operates one of the largest production plants in the world in Rudong, China.

Our ability to solve problems in the mineral processing / metal extraction industries is the reason major mines around the world have turned to SNF Mining to satisfy their needs.  SNF Mining manufactures quality, value-based reagents for the mineral processing industry.

– Your dependable source for Xanthate
– Wide range of mineral processing / metal extraction reagents
– Worldwide Team of mining technical experts
– Full-time startup and product trial support at your mine site
– R&D facilities to provide customized solutions tailored to your needs
– Manufactured in China
– Unparalleled customer service and logistics expertise
– Top to bottom commitment to Safety, Health & Environmental issues
– ISO 9001:2015 certified production plants