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With more than 20 years of experience in the specialty polymer business, SNF has developed many high-performance polymers for home care, industrial and institutional cleaning applications.  SNF focuses on providing a wide range of polymers through 23 large scale, low-cost manufacturing facilities around the world that are committed to top quality products and services.

SNF offers a number of performance polymers such as thickening agents, dispersants, anti-redeposition agents, processing aids, anti-spotting and sheeting agents, and liquid absorbents for a variety of these home care, industrial, and institutional market applications.  These products are commercially available by SNF under the FLOSOFT™FLOGEL™, and FLOSPERSE™ tradenames.


  • Large scale, low-cost manufacturing sites integrated in raw materials
  • Wide range of polymers
  • High level of expertise in polymer applications and technologies
  • Production capabilities on four continents
  • Responsive technical service teams
  • Commitment to high quality products and services


Cationic Thickeners & Stabilizing Agents

The FLOSOFT™ line of products is used as cationic thickeners for home and laundry care including:

  • Fabric softeners
  • Lime scale removal
  • All-purpose cleaners
  • Toilet bowl cleaners

FLOSOFT™ products are also used as a stabilizing agent for:

  • Car polishing
  • Shoe polishing
  • Hard surface polishing

Anionic Thickeners & Stabilizing Agents

The FLOGEL™ line of products is used as thickening agents over a wide range of viscosities, and imparting desired flow properties in order to stabilize solid particles in suspension and to stabilize emulsions in the following applications:

  • Hard surface cleaners
  • Dish washing (e.g., automatic dish washing liquid gels)
  • Hand cleaners (e.g., heavy-duty hand cleaners and hydroalcoholic hand sanitizing gels)
  • Fabric care
  • Auto care
  • Deicing fluids


FLOSPERSE™ polycarboxylates are water-soluble polymers designed to enhance the performance of many different household, industrial, and institutional detergent formulations.

Benefits provided by FLOSPERSE™  polymers for this application are:

  • Excellent ability to disperse insoluble inorganic salts and soil particles
  • Soil-releasing properties for anti-redeposition onto fabrics
  • High efficiency for binding calcium ions
  • Stable under chlorine and alkaline conditions
  • High temperature stability
  • Low-foaming properties
  • Excellent compatibility with surfactants normally used in detergent and cleaning formulations
  • Excellent processing and granulating aid to spray dry products