Ingredients for Formulators

SNF Toolbox for Your Formulation Developments

The selection of the right ingredients is a key point in formulator expertise. SNF products provide water release control and rheology (flow, texture, fluidity, anti-sagging). Our products help formulators meet customer specifications and challenges, amongst numerous segments such as mortars, renders, flooring, concrete, sealants, and adhesives.

SNF Application

Even if used at low dosage in compositions (sometimes less than 1%), ingredients such as rheology modifiers, thickeners, and dispersants can significantly improve application properties.  Thanks to their benefits and effectiveness they have become essential components of mortars, renders, flooring, screeds, underlayments, concrete, acrylic sealants, and aqueous adhesives.

Today, a large number of composition properties are directly correlated to rheology:

  • Pot appearance for ready-to-use paste & premixes, once hydrated
  • Anti-sagging when applied on vertical surfaces (tile adhesives, etc.)
  • Optimization of the compromise fluidity/resistance to bleeding in flooring formulations
  • Moisture management and water release control, for example towards natural evaporation or suction of porous substrates

The FLOSET™ polymer range has been developed as a toolbox to optimize market formulations and achieve end users’ key goals.

SNF makes the selection of ingredients easier for formulators and addresses specific business goals, solving technical challenges by chemical solutions leading to business value.