Bentonite Enhancers

Extenders and Filtrate Reducers

Reduced reserves of high-quality bentonite and unequal distribution of resources push bentonite producers to add polymers to guarantee viscosity and yield without damaging filtrate.  With our global manufacturing locations, we provide polymers everywhere to help bentonite to meet drilling mud specifications (viscosity, yield, and filtrate).

Bentonite is an abundant and versatile mineral found in many regions of the world and used in various industrial applications such as foundry sand, iron ore pelletization, and drilling muds in Oil & Gas, and Civil Engineering.  Bentonite quality depends on the area of extraction and its grade of activation.

When used as bentonite enhancers, linear-chain anionic polymers increase mud viscosity by linking clay platelets together.  They improve bentonite yield and help comply with API and OCMA specifications.

SNF’s FLOBENT™ products are premium acrylic, medium to low molecular weight polymers that are easy to disperse and can be easily mixed with bentonite.  They are commonly added during bentonite production, either before or after milling.

Using FLOBENT™ products will guarantee bentonite mud performances and consistency over time.