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Irrigation-applied soil conditioner that improves water movement.  FLOBOND™ is also used to reduce irrigation runoff and turbidity from fields.

Trusted and reliable PAM product forms that improve soil structure and water application efficiencies.

Superabsorbent products that hold water near the root zones of plants, reducing crop stress between irrigation cycles and improving plant vitality.

Flobond Logo

Designed to improve water infiltration in soils, FLOBOND™ promotes lateral and vertical movement of water within soil profiles.


Granular powder product that dissolves readily in water when used with surface irrigation systems such as:  flood, furrow, and rain-fed systems.

An easily injectable polymer, applied via drip irrigation systems, that increases water movement in soils.

An emulsion concentrate that is applied to pressurized irrigation systems.

An emulsion that is applied to pressurized irrigation systems.

A liquid solution-grade homopolymer designed to increase soil porosity, minimize runoff, increase infiltration, and reduce soil crusting.

Our superabsorbent products increase water holding capacity of the soil and available water for plant roots.  By retaining water close to the roots, AQUASORB™ reduces crop stress and improves plant growth.  When applied correctly, AQUASORB™ increases time between irrigation cycles and can reduce seasonal water usage.


High capacity water superabsorbent with a particle size of 1.0 – 2.0 mm. Can be applied in greenhouse, nursery, and landscape markets.

K4 has the largest particle size in the AQUASORB™ product line at 2.0 – 4.0 mm. Typically AQUASORB™ K4 is used while planting trees or shrubs.

A polymer product specifically designed for agriculture, horticulture, and forestry. This superabsorbent is a white powder with particle sizes < 1 mm.

This product mixed with water is used in bare-root dipping prior to planting or transport.  It can also be mixed with plant root hormone in nurseries for new propagation.

SNF Agriculture offers diverse products

These diverse products have several benefits including increased soil moisture in the root zone, decreased soil crusting, and reduced wheel track ruts caused by center-pivot irrigation systems.


These tablets are designed to coat the soil below pivot irrigation systems and reduce wheel track ruts.

These mesh bags contain SOILPAM Tablets and are designed to hang from irrigation systems and treat the soil below. The treated soil maintains its structure and reduces wheel ruts caused by center-pivot irrigation systems.

The Tracklog allows for longer periods of soil treatment. This product hangs from pivot irrigation systems and treats the soil below, reducing wheel track ruts.