Pre-Treatment & Dyeing

SNF offers a wide range of chemical auxiliaries for the dyeing process to enhance performance in various wet-processing steps such as pre-treatment, fixation, lubrication, and others.


SNF cationic polymers enhance the dyeing process by increasing the affinity of the dye to the fiber reducing the non-fixed dyes rejected in the effluents.

Cationizing Agents

Cationization is a chemical treatment that modifies the cellulose molecule, making it strongly cationic.  This pretreatment increases the affinity between hydrophilic fibers such as cotton and anionic dyes.  Therefore, cationic dyeing reduces water, time, energy, and chemical consumption.

Migration Inhibitors

Dyestuff migrates due to affinity to water during the drying step by capillary effect in many dyeing processes such as:

  • Pad thermosol processes on 100% polyester with disperse dyes
  • Continuous dyeing with pigments
  • Pad thermosol-pad steam processes on polyester and cotton blends with reactive and disperse dyes
  • Pad dry – pad steam process on 100% cotton with reactive or vat dyes

Migration inhibitors are needed to create local coagulation or thickening mechanisms on fabric in order to decrease the mobility of dyes which results on more uniform dyeing.

Dispersing and Washing Agents

Reactive Washing-off Agents

In reactive printing/dyeing, the washing step is required to remove the unfixed dyes and hydrolysates to avoid bleeding.  This step can be long and requires high energy and water consumption.

​For that purpose SNF has developed  FLOSPERSE™ RSA et FLOSPERSE™ RWC  to ease the washing-off process with the following advantages:

  • ​Reduction of the number of rinsing and soaping baths
  • ​Independent of water hardness degree and salt content
  • Has an anti-back-staining effect to maintain the dye suspension in the bath
  • Efficient even with low bath temperatures
  • Reduction in water consumption and energy through shorter processes

Dispersing Agents for PES Dyeing

At high temperatures in the dye bath, polyester will have small apertures in the fibers where dyestuff can penetrate.  When cooling down the bath, these apertures close and the disperse dye stays inside of the fiber.

​Dispersing agents are incorporated to ensure a stable dye dispersion throughout the dyeing process.

SNF has developed FLOSPERSE™ DT 5130 to stabilize the dye dispersion in the bath when dyeing polyester and increase the fastness and levelness of the dyeing.

Polymeric Dispersing Agents

A full range of polymeric auxiliaries is available to increase the dispersion in wet processes and help to maintain the dye dispersion in baths, thereby preventing sedimentation.

SNF Application

Crease Inhibitors

Crease inhibitors decrease friction between the substrate and the contact parts of the equipment, providing better accommodation of the substrate inside the equipment.

FLOLINE™ LUB products are recommended for all types of materials that are processed at a low liquor ratio on machines with high shear force in order to avoid crease marks.

Due to its chemical nature, the product can be used in all stages of processing.

Antifoaming Agents

Defoaming agents prevent and suppress the formation of foam in textile wet processes.

These agents can be used in all textile wet processing stages such as desizing, scouring, bleaching, dyeing, and printing.

Defoaming agents can also be used in jets, overflow dyeing machines, jiggers, and printing machines.