Conventional Printing

SNF offers a wide range of synthetic thickeners designed specifically for Pigment, Reactive, Disperse, and Acid printing.

SNF synthetic thickeners allow better control of printing paste rheology to perform the best printing techniques with higher definition, higher color yield, better washability, and handle.

Pigment Printing

SNF provides a wide range of synthetic polymers to thicken and control printing paste rheology to achieve the best deposit and printing performances on all types of fabrics.

SNF has developed a specific range of synthetic polymers suitable for pigment printing applications.  These thickeners are available in acid form but are also available in neutralized form in order to ease the printing preparation at the textile mills.  This eliminates the need to add ammonia to the application as ammonia is directly incorporated into the thickener.

SNF Application

Reactive Printing Thickeners

Reactive dyes constitute the most commonly used class of dyes for dyeing and printing cellulosic textile fabrics.  These dyes chemically react with cellulose to form a covalent bond between the dye molecules and cellulose. (on cotton or viscose rayon fabrics)

To achieve the best printing performance, SNF has developed a comprehensive and effective range of synthetic thickeners designed to achieve the washability, handling, color yield, and evenness desired by printing mills.

Disperse Printing Thickeners

SNF provides a wide range of synthetic polymers to thicken and control the printing paste deposit to achieve the best printing performances with disperse dyes on polyester fabrics. 

Printing Additives

SNF offers binders, white printing paste, rheology modifiers, and acid printing polymers to assist in all aspects of the dyeing process.