SNF was founded: René Pich, Technical Manager, and Hubert Issaurat, Sales Manager. The company employs 25 people and sales reach 2 Million French Francs with 200 employees.


SNF purchased the Chemtall industrial site in Riceboro, Georgia (USA). Since then, it has become SNF’s largest production site.


SNF contracted with the Chinese company Daqing Oil Fields to construct the largest polymer plant in the world.
An upstream integration was achieved with the construction of NCF in Riceboro, USA to manufacture cationic monomers.


Enzymatic production of Acrylamide started in Andrézieux, France, and production of cationic monomers started in Saint-Avold, France.

At our Riceboro, Georgia site, additional DMAEA production lines were brought online, which increased the capacity to approximately 48,000 metric tons per year. We also increased PAM production in France by approximately 20,000 metric tons, and emulsion PAM by approximately 10,000 metric tons. We also increased emulsion PAM and powder PAM capacity at our Eyang joint venture in South Korea and founded our Taixing, China operations to produce water treatment and EOR chemicals.


In the United States, we added 10,000 metric tons per year capacity in powder PAM and emulsion PAM, as well as increased Mannich PAM capacity. In France, an additional 10,000 metric tons per year capacity in powder and emulsion PAM was added and brought additional Polyamine lines online. We also opened new PAM manufacturing plants in Indonesia and Australia and built additional production lines at our Taixing manufacturing facility.


Two additional PAM production lines at our Taixing site were built and completed the acquisition of our business in India, which currently has annual powder PAM capacity of 10,000 metric tons.


Construction of our new Andrézieux site for PAM production and the expansion of powder PAM production lines in France began, with additional expansions to PAM and monomer production lines in the United States.


He graduated from Polytechnique, Corps des Ponts et Chaussées (Paris) and from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Boston). He has the double nationality French and American.

Pascal Remy started his career at Alcatel in charge of underwater fiber optic cables. He then joined the Suez Group in 1995 as General Manager of Degrémont, then as GM of Nalco in Chicago. In 2004 he became Associate in an investment firm in Chicago.
Pascal Remy became General Manager for SNF in 2006 and CEO in 2010.


SNF signed a major EOR contract with Petroleum Development Oman in the Sultanate of Oman.


We built two additional 20,000 metric tons per year PAM production lines at our Riceboro, Georgia site.


SNF purchased 1,000 acres of land in Plaquemine, Louisiana for the construction of a new PAM facility.


The construction of the new production site in Plaquemine, Louisiana began. It was dedicated to the EOR industry. New lines were constructed in China and France.


SNF acquired the remaining 50% shares of our joint venture with OCI / Eyang in South Korea.


Construction began on our new production sites in Saratov, Russia; Billingham, UK; and Camaçari, Brazil.


New Acrylamide line came online in our Ulsan, South Korea facility.


SNF started operating a new Acrylamide line in our new plant in Rudong, China.

By the end of 2018, our existing, global PAM production capacity exceeded 1,110,000 metric tons.


Opening of the Camacari site (Brazil) with three emulsion lines and three liquid lines.


Construction and commissioning of powder lines and an acrylamide line in Gandhidham, India.